15 x11 Standard Castle
15x12 Circus Theme
17x15 castle / slide
16x15 Adult Dance / Bounce
Inflatable Nightclub
Inflatable Cinema
Adult Sumo Suits
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                                           Adult Sumo Suits

                                Sumo Wrestling Suits For Hire

         Do Battle As A Japanese Wrestler  When You Enter The Ring 

 Look The Part In The Fleshy, Thong Clad Foam Padded Sumo Suits

                                    Enjoy The Limbering Up !!

      Pre-Ritual Shouting & Slapping Before The Best Of 3 Knockdowns

                                     A Well Established Favourite

                      Sumo Wrestling Hire Is Great Fun To Take Part In

                                  Also A Fantastic Spectator Sport 

                      Supplied With Mat , Head & Neck Safety Gear